| Sell a horse

Sell a horse


With our worldwide network of owners, trainers and riders we can find the perfect new owner for your horse.

The horse will be showed to our client through a short impression on film. In case the horse is selected for viewing we will visit you with our client.

The horse we will mediate has to be totally sound. All health issues or stable vices should be mentioned to us in advance in order to provide a transparent and honest sales offer.

Mediation costs will be commented with owner.

TM Select Horses provides the following services:


Active sale:

  • Present your horse in a perfect way at our website and other social media.
  • Offer your horse to our worldwide network of owners, trainers, riders and mediators.
  • Arrange guided visit between owner and buyer
  • We support all processes from start to finish and assist where necessary including vetting and transport of the horse to new stables.
  • Manages the negotiation process
  • Acts as a reality check
  • Facilitates communication
  • Assists in the search for options


Exclusive sale:

  • Horse will not be presented on our web site or other social media
  • Horse will be presented to possible buyer after checking the demands of client
  • Arrange guided visit between owner and buyer
  • Horse and owner will be treated with total discretion and confidentiality